Geronimo Group Revenue Sharing Programs
We offer several Revenue Sharing Programs for both our customers as well as other site owners and webmasters. You can choose from various programs or select them all. See below for a list of the programs and the Rewards.
International file storage, retrieval, sharing and secured access. $100.00 per signup.
Domain Hosting - $ 25.00 per signup.
Web Presence - $ 25.00 per signup.
Anonymous E-Mail services. $ 25.00 per signup.
Platinum - Custom Domain Hosting.
$ 100.00 per signup.
On-Line mall and portal - $ 25.00 per signup.
The program is simple. Place a small banner ad on as many or as few
of your sites pages as you choose. Cut and paste in custom page code,
which contains your special code and that's it. We will e-mail you the page
code, the appropriate banner(s) and you're ready to go. All affiliate
revenue's due are paid to you by check on the 25th of each month.
For more information just click here.