CD Interactive Catalogue Service

The Geronimo Group provides a bundled solution for transferring your existing printed catalogue into a multi-use Digital Tool. We can scan your catalogue in and transfer it into a number of multi purpose formats.

          Industrial product catalogues and pricing charts can be converted into OCR, PDF or HTML. For more information on these formats click here. And Consumer catalogues can be done in the same ways.

          We can mix the formats within the same presentation to help you achieve all your business goals. Just imagine how many uses there are for your companies catalogue now.

          You have instant reusable order forms in your customers hands at all times. They can print and mail orders, fax them, or submit them via e-mail on the internet with just a keystroke.

          Provide links for updates directly to your website.
          Include company video presentations.
          Customize versions for different markets.
          Use your CD catalogue as a trade show or exhibition handout.
          Include samples of your software, music, stock images or enhanced             product information and images.

          All your customer has to do is put your CD in their computer, and they're in your office ! Nothing to learn, nothing to install, nothing to configure - nothing to go wrong !

          Besides all the uses outlined above, there are even more benefits from our bundled solution:

  • No film, plating, or other print fees.
  • Production on demand. No minimum quantities. This means no inventory, no outdated catalogues sitting around gathering dust.
  • Update products and prices over-night. Never be out of date.

Our Bundled Solution Includes:

          Custom formatting and layout of your CD.
          Custom creation of function and features for forms, demo's and indexes.
          CD Mastering.
          Master CD for duplication.
          Import and conversion of your digital files.
          Total Cost $ 3000.00
          Please note that there is a fee of $ 1.00 / page for any scanning.
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